Supply of Landscaping Plants and Grass, Flowers and Fruit and Vegetable Plants

Seedlings for Landscaping Plants

Keep your home or business premise green with plants from Appeala Landscaping Kenya.

We are the largest supplier of high-quality seedlings for native landscaping trees, shrubs and also vines in Kenya. Our company has partnered with nurseries across the country. This allows us to supply our customers with the exact seedlings they are looking for to boost their gardens and also backyards.

We supply native or proven non-invasive naturalized trees. We also supply woody shrubs, produced from local seed sources. And all our plants have the greatest chance for success everywhere in Kenya.

Our plants meet the needs of landscapers, land owners and also foresters. They also meet conservation-minded individuals who want to make sure they are getting the most appropriate plants.

With lovely flowers in spring,  landscaping plants are a great way to add beauty to an outdoor space. They also add cooling shade in the hot summer months. In addition, they are used as part of a garden, park, or landscape setting. For instance for their flowers, their texture, form and also shape, and other aesthetic characteristics. Moreover, they have environmental benefits. They filter the air, reduce soil erosion and also attract pollinators for other plants.

Buy Landscaping Plants in Kenya!

On our online shop, we have a large collection of landscaping plants that are native to Kenya. Browse our shop and buy landscaping plants for your garden or yard.

Do you have tree nurseries and sell landscaping plants in Kenya? Well, contact us to sell them on our online shop!

Seedling for Fruit Plants

Grow your own fruit and enjoy fresh fruits everyday with the help of Appeala Landscaping Kenya.

Here at Appeala Landscaping Kenya, we supply our customers with high quality fruit seedlings. This allows our customers to grow fruit trees that will give them access to fresh produce and also save money. It also allows them to grow plants that can add beauty to their gardens and develop eco friendly gardening habits.

Any of our seedlings will grow to a fruit tree that will provide a convenient supply of delicious fruits, The fruits are also nutritious and healthy. Over the lifetime of one of these trees, you can save thousands of shillings you would have spent at the grocery.

Like the landscaping plants, fruit trees are also a great way to add beauty to your outdoor space. In addition, growing your own fruit trees has environmental benefits! They filter the air and reduce soil erosion. Moreover, they attract pollinators like bees.

Buy Fruit Plants in Kenya!

Visit our online shop and see our wide selection of fruit seedlings that are a perfect addition to your fruit garden. Find fruit trees for sale in Kenya. And buy them at the comfort of your home.

Do you have fruit plant nurseries and sell fruit trees in Kenya? Well, contact us to sell them on our online shop!

Vegetable Seedlings

Buy vegetable plants online and grow your own food with the help of Appeala Landscaping Kenya.

Appeala Landscaping Kenya has partnered with reputable vegetable nurseries to provide a wide variety of vegetables. These seedlings are ready to be planted in your garden upon delivery. All seedlings are grown using organic methods with all-natural soils and fertilizers. They have at least 6-8 weeks of growth. They also have been hardened off ready to be planted! Each plant has healthy root growth that keeps the soil intact during shipping.

We can supply nursery stocks of vegetables. Some of these vegetables include kales (sukuma wiki), cabbages, tomatoes and onions.

Buy Vegetable Seedlings in Kenya!

Just visit our online shop and browse all the vegetable seedlings available there! Buy the seedlings and grow organic vegetables for home use or for sale.

Do you have vegetables nurseries and sell vegetable seedlings in Kenya? Well, contact us to sell them on our online shop!

Garden and Backyard Flowers

Make your garden or backyard colorful with the help of Appeala Landscaping Kenya.

Flower-Ornamental plants are grown for decorative purposes. This can be in gardens and landscapes, as houseplants, for cut flowers or specimen display. In addition, they are cultivated for their blooms.

Flowering ornamentals are a key aspect of many gardens. They are the keystone of ornamental gardening. And they come in a range of shapes, sizes and also colors suitable to a broad array of climates, landscapes and also gardening needs.

Depending on the types of plants being grown, the flowers may be subtle and delicate. They can also be large and showy, with some ornamental plants producing distinctive aromas.

Buy Garden, Yard or Ornamental Flower Plants in Kenya!

Here at Appeala Landscaping Kenya, we have partnered with a large number of flower growers in the country. They display their flower plants on our online shop where customers can buy from! If you want to decorate your home or business premise with stunning outdoor or indoor flowers, just visit our online shop. See an unbelievable number of different plant flowers for sale in Kenya!

Do you have flower nurseries and sell ornamental, garden or backyard flower plants in Kenya? Well, contact us to sell them on our online shop!

Lawn Grass

Make your yard or garden green throughout with the help of Appeala Landscaping Kenya.

Our company has a network of grass growers who can sell you the amount of grass you need for your home or office yard. We only sell grass that grows faster to cover your backyard in no time. It basically transforms your backyard into a relaxing zone. We have drought resistance grass and also trimming-friendly grass. We also have pest and disease resistant and also cold resistant.

Buy Lawn Grass in Kenya!

Visit our online shop and sample a wide range of lawn grass. From Arabic grass and Kikuyu grass to paspalum grass and carpet grass, you will find the grass that you need at our shop.

Do you grow grass for sale in Kenya? Well, contact us to sell it on our online shop!

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