Pest and Weed Control and Landscaping Fertilization Kenya

Pest Elimination and Control

Here at Appeala Landscaping Kenya, we have comprehensive pest control plans. These plans target all types of pests and also harmful insects. And they help keep your property free from pests and thus safe. We control pests such as aphids, scales, and mites. We also control normal and carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, centipedes and millipedes, earwigs, and crickets. In addition, we control fleas, silverfish and spiders. Moreover, we take care of clover mites, sowbugs, and also ticks.

Weed Elimination and Control

Your lawn is an investment, but weeds can destroy it. With our lawn care service team, we can keep your backyard free from weeds. We can make your lawn stay green, vibrant, lush, and totally free from weeds. See weed categories that we control.

Perennial Weeds Control

Some good examples of perennial weeds are dandelions, thistles, and daisies. These weeds develop complex root systems which make them difficult to get rid. If some roots are left over, the entire weed regrows.

Annual Weeds Control

Examples of annuals include chickweed and groundsel. These weeds take long to complete their life cycle. But they can spread seeds quickly and consequently harm your lawn or garden.

Bulbils-Producing Weeds Control

Examples of bulbils-producing weeds include Oxalis and buttercups. These weeds produce networks of miniature bulbs and they can be killed with chemicals.


Fertilizer is an essential aspect of garden care service program. Your turf grass is a big investment. It says a lot about you as a home or business owner. We have fertilization services aimed at ensuring your garden looks thick, lush and also healthy! Basically, we can make your lawn vibrant and free of weeds, pests and also diseases.

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