Landscaping Lighting Kenya

Outdoor Lighting

Nothing makes a home stand out more than beautiful landscape lighting.  A well lit home is inviting to your guests. It also adds value to the entire property. Here at Appeala Landscaping Kenya, we offer a full line of solid brass fixtures with an integrated LED bulbs. And we offer long warranty on the bulbs and fixtures.

Our outdoor light services are also made to improve safety by lighting walkways, driveways, and patios. Check out our specific outdoor lighting services: setting, checking and installing light timers. Other services include replacing bulbs, installing and realigning fixtures and adjusting lights. In addition, we keep plants & trees away from lights and install and set up holiday lights. Moreover, we repair and rebury ground wires and manage minor electrics.

Celebration Lighting

It can be tricky to put up celebration lights on your own. It is time consuming if you have a tight schedule. But this doesn’t mean that you should not decorate your property during the holidays. We provide holiday lighting services for our clients across Kenya. We operate in homes, schools, restaurants, shopping centers and malls, boutiques, offices and also hotels.

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