Landscaping Erosion Control, Drainage and Irrigation Kenya

Erosion Control and Drainage

Even in low rains, when rainwater is not controlled, it can cause serious erosion. It can also cause drainage problems. In addition, it can make irrigation hard. If you have erosion or drainage issues in your home or business, get in touch with Appeala Landscaping Kenya. We offer a number of erosion control and drainage solutions.

Landscaping Irrigation

A well designed irrigation system ensures the right watering. This allows for a healthy lawn during the dry months. You can expect green grass and plants with a well designed system. We can design irrigation systems for your home or office. We can also modify it. And this involves adding new zones to the existing system.

Moreover, we can provide customized solutions for our clients. And we are proud of our ability to make customized watering plans. We design our irrigation systems customer’s needs in mind. We also consider home or business style.

Our irrigation systems are sustainable and eco friendly! They maximize water retention. They also lower the runoff. In addition, they help in drainage. Generally, our watering solutions are of high quality and effective.

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