Bed Maintenance

Here at Appeala Landscaping Kenya, we offer flower bed or plant bed care for our office and home clients. We can plant flowers and ornamental plants. We can also define lawn edges and provide weeding services. Basically, we provide all services that keep your plant beds healthy.

On bed care, we offer soil tilling, weed control, flower care, garden bed edging. We also offer raking and garbage clearance.

Lawn Maintenance

We can perform organic lawn care. We can also perform hybrid lawn care. In addition, we can perform traditional lawn care. Organic lawn care utilizes 100% safe products. Our organic fertilizers are natural and sustain healthy soil. Some of its benefits include:

  • Safe.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Rich in soil nutrition.
  • Promotes soil micro-organisms.
  • Prevents diseases and pests.
  • Builds natural defense systems.
  • In addition, minimizes soil erosion.
  • Moreover, improves drainage.

Hybrid lawn care combines traditional and organic lawn care. For example, we use weed control methods of traditional lawn care. And on the other side, we use eco friendly power of organic fertilizer. Some of its benefits include:

  • Safe
  • Conducive to long-term nutrition.
  • Eliminates drought stress.
  • Builds the soil’s natural defense.
  • Keeps micro-organisms in the soil.
  • In addition, promotes minimal mowing.
  • Moreover, eliminates weeds.

Traditional lawn care provides faster results. Some of its benefits include faster results and being cheap. However, it has some less drawbacks such as: not very safe for people and pets and less environmentally friendly. It also requires moderation! Its build-up can damage soil. It can also lower levels of soil micro-organisms.

Turf Maintenance

Seeding services can enhance the appearance of a lawn. Floral displays and mulching can also do the same. We offer turf enhancement services, such as aeration, top dressing and dethatching. This targets stressed and compacted soil for vibrant grass.

In case you didn’t know, aeration is the process of removing small plugs of dirt from the soil. And it facilitates circulation of water and also air. On the other hand, dethatching is the process of breaking up web of roots and stems that grow together. This allows plants get enough water and air. On the same topic, we can also help you choose turf grass that withstands weather conditions.

Spring Waste Removal

Prepare your lawn for spring with help from our team at Appeala Landscaping Kenya. We can clear away dead leaves and debris. Our spring cleaning services touch on plant pruning, flower bed care and also plant bed care. They also touch on garbage or debris clearance, fertilization and aeration. In addition, they touch on pre-emergent and targeted weed and pest control.

Fall Waste Removal

Keeping your lawn beautiful is a big job during the fall. But we can handle this for you. We perform regular fall clean-up services that include raking and pruning. Our fall  services touch on pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control and raking. They also include fertilization, aeration and pruning. In addition, they touch on clutter and debris removal.


This is an effective form of weed control. And it can help protect the health and beauty of your landscape. It involves placing a layer of material around the plants. These materials can be organic or inorganic. Some include stones, chips, plastic and also bark chips. Others include straw, grass clippings and cocoa hulls. Our mulching services:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Minimize compaction.
  • Keep an even temperature.
  • Conserve water.
  • Increase nutrient.
  • Helps maintain yard beauty.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

We plant seasonal plants to ensure your gardens looks beautiful throughout. Our team can install annuals and other seasonal plants. This ensures that your property maintains beauty.


Our precision mowers keep your grass tidy and beautiful year-round.

Regular Plants Treatments

Such as fertilization, aeration, and dethatching. These services keep your grass green and lush.

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